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 Recruiting more people.

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PostSubject: Recruiting more people.   Tue 18 Mar 2008, 19:32

Hey.. We are recruiting more people to help with controling the guild (:

. Mostly some to do some guild fun, like i dont know, something speciel, not TR
its Guild master's who do that, and raids too,

. And one speciel one, to come up with ideas and so on. (gotta be creative)

. And not that much more Guild Recruiter's but could use some more,
to recruit people to guild

. And if you have some ideas by your self, your welcome to reply them, or tell me ingame,

. If you intreasted in getting a job in the guild, then wisp a Guild master ingame,
or reply here, then we contact you ingame (:

- Link over and out scratch
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Recruiting more people.
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